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On December 6th, 7th and 8th the Westergas in Amsterdam will be host to the EuropArtFair 2019.

As a participant in this fair you have the opportunity to show and sell your work directly to the public. Our role is subordinate to this: we believe in the importance of interaction between the art and the public and offer you an important communication and sales platform with this fair. As part of your participation you can therefore also count on the promotion of your work through our communicative efforts and publicity.

Participation in the EuropArtFair 2019 is exclusively for professional artists from outside the Netherlands and members of NABK PRO. In order to be eligible for participation, you must at least meet the following criteria:
- you have completed a recognized art education, for example a BA in fine arts; and/or
- you have been working as a professional artist for at least three years.

A balloting commission will review the application. Due to the fact that we aim to provide artists from multiple countries the opportunity to show their work at the fair, the number of participants of each country may be of importance with respect to your participation possibilities. The outcome of the balloting commission will be communicated to you within 10 working days after your application.

In case your application has not been converted into a participation, your application will be void and no costs, such as the registration fee, will be due. The registration fee will be fully reimbursed in case you already did pay the fee.

Included in your participation

The registration fee is € 95 (VAT excl.), regardless of the size of the stand you wish to use to exhibit your works. The following is included in your registration and participation fee:
  • the balloting of your work;
  • listing as a participant on the websites www.europartfair.com with your name and website;
  • listing of your name and a reference to your stand on the floor plan;
  • two catalogues of the EuropArtFair 2019;
  • the use of two light spots, including the connection of them;
  • your name on your stand
  • a name badge for you and one for an assistant;
  • the use of the needed amount of suspension systems for two dimensional works;
  • a chair will be provided;
  • venue rent;
  • cleaning;
  • security;
  • eight consumption vouchers;
  • general publicity.

  Conditions of Participation   Frequenlty asked questions


Yes, I would like to participate in the EuropArtFair 2019

(Scroll below, to find information about the floorplan, sizes and prices of the stands)

  1. General information


First name

Last Name

  Address information


Zip Code


Email address

Phone number


VAT identification number

  Badge, stand and catalogue

Preferred name on the stand/badges/catalogue:

  2. Information for the purpose of the selection

The requested information will be exclusively used as part of the selection procedure, will be handled most confidentially and will not be shared with third parties.

I have completed an education at an art academy or have received other professional training:

I have been active as a professional artist and/or designer:

In the past ten years, I have been nominated for awards and/or have been awarded with awards and/or have received international grants:

I have had (a) solo exhibition(s) in the previous three years:

Should you have any additional information which may be relevant with respect to the selection procedure, we kindly request you to share this information with us (200 words maximum) :

  3. Exhibition stand

The stands on EuropArtFair 2019 have distinguished, black upholstered, wooden walls.
Choose your stand by clicking it on the floorplan.
If you want to combine a number of stands to a larger format stand, please contact: info@europartfair.com
Select your stand from the list or by clicking on the floorplan.


StandDepthWidthAreaWallsCostsAmount  Reserved  Available  
1x31 m3m3 m25 m€ 76113 stands11 stands2 stands
1x3 Plus1 m3m3 m27 m€ 90711 stands11 standsFULL
1x41 m4m4 m26 m€ 9744 stands4 standsFULL
1x5 Min1 m5m5 m26 m€ 103812 stands12 standsFULL
1x51 m5m5 m27 m€ 116934 stands20 stands14 stands
1x5 Plus1 m5m5 m28 m€ 130015 stands8 stands7 stands
1x61 m6m6 m28 m€ 13471 stand1 standFULL
1x71 m7m7 m29 m€ 15081 stand1 standFULL
1x101 m10m10 m212 m€ 19062 stands2 standsFULL
2x32 m3m6 m27 m€ 10462 stands2 standsFULL
2x42 m4m8 m28 m€ 13882 stands1 stand1 stand
2x52 m5m10 m29 m€ 16665 stands5 standsFULL
2x62 m6m12 m210 m€ 19194 stands4 standsFULL
2x102 m10m20 m214 m€ 27161 stand1 standFULL
3x33 m3m9 m29 m€ 14659 stands6 stands3 stands


    reserved stand

  4. Promotion

In order to attract high quality visitors a substantial part of our budget is invested in the promotion of the EuropArtFair, through local and national newspapers and media, social media adverts and outdoor advertising. Next to adverts, invitiations are sent to thousands of art enthousiast through opt-in mailinglists with over 25.000 subscribers, to art buyers form previous art fairs and the top 100 of art collectors in the Netherlands. The promotional packages you can select start from € 175 and contribute to these promotional efforts. Your selected package also includes special activities to highlight your individual participation.

Package SMALL

  • one full page in the catalogue (21.5 x 21.5 cm) with a text (max. 100 words) and an image with a value of € 95,-;
  • your name and a link to your website are included on www.europartfair.com ;

  • 10 entrance tickets with a value of € 15,-;
  • 2 VIP-tickets with a value of € 25,-;

Package MEDIUM

With the MEDIUM package you extend the digital promotion of your work considerably: Pakket SMALL +
  • your work is shown on the homepage of the website www.europartfair.com .
  • an image on roll-up banners that will be put up on and around the exhibition location (about 30 copies). After the fair you can take 1 banner with you.

  • 15 entrance tickets with a value of € 15,-;
  • 5 VIP-tickets with a value of € 25,-;

Package LARGE

The LARGE package is especially for the participant who wants extensive promotion at the fair. The content consists of all promotion of the packages LARGE and MEDIUM +
  • an extra full page in the catalog: you have two pages next to each other with a total of 2 images and a maximum of 200 words of text.
  • the representation of one work on the floor plan (approx. 30 mm x 40 mm);

  • 25 entrance tickets with a value of € 15,-;
  • 10 VIP cards with a value of € 25, -

I choose:

*) The images shown are illustrative and can be different than the final design.

All amounts are excluding 21% VAT.

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