For artists and galleries
6 – 8 September 2024, Gashouder, Westergas in Amsterdam

Participation conditions

Professional artists and galleries from all over Europe can participate in the EuropArtFair 2024. In doing so, the organisation looks at the following criteria:

  • You have received recognized professional training or otherwise earned your spurs in the art world (individual and group exhibitions, awards, etc.) and/or own a professional gallery.
  • You have been working as a visual artist or have been running a professional gallery for at least three years.
  • As a young talent or new gallery (<35 years for artists and <3 years for galleries), you can register for special 1x3m stands at a more attractive rate.

Your application will be reviewed by a balloting committee. As artists from all over Europe have the opportunity to apply, the number of artists from the different countries (in the second instance) also plays a role in the selection.
Within ten working days after your application, you will receive notification by e-mail whether you have been selected and your application will be converted into participation. Only then you will pay the registration fee and (later) the participation fee.

Included in your participation

The registration fee for participation is €95 (excluding VAT). This does not include the cost of your stand. The total cost includes the following:

  • the balloting of your work;
  • the entry of your name and stand number on the floor plan;
  • a copy of the catalogue;
  • 2 spotlights in your stand (with the exception of the special 1×3 stands for young talents), including the connection and any pendant spot(s) on the outside wall(s);
  • your name on a professional sign on your stand;
  • two name badges (for yourself and one assistant) that give free access to the fair;
  • the free use of the required number of suspension systems for two-dimensional work;
  • free tickets for your guests (valid on Saturday and Sunday);
  • 2 free VIP tickets for Friday night;
  • one chair in your stand;
  • venue rent;
  • daily cleaning;
  • security;
  • eight consumption vouchers;
  • general publicity.