What makes a visit to the EuropArtFair worthwhile?
When you visit the EuropArtFair, you will have the opportunity to meet the artists themselves. With great passion, they will be happy to tell you about their working methods and more. Enjoy direct contact with the artists and join us at our art café in the central square for a delicious snack and drink. Furthermore, the fair offers you a broad spectrum of art, both in terms of formats, techniques and materials used: jewellery and works in ceramics and glass can also be admired and purchased. And, the artworks are usually very affordable.

Will the artists be present?
Yes, almost all the artists will be present to explain their works and their passion, vision and motivation.

Can I visit the EuropArtFair for free?
Friends of Artweek Foundation (www.kunstweek.nl) and members of the National Association for Visual Artists (www.NABK.nl) together with a guest have free entry to the EuropArtFair. If you know one of the participating artists personally, you can also approach him or her. Participating artists will also have the opportunity to give relations free entry approximately 3 weeks before the fair.

Do children and students get a discount?

Yes, children up to 12 years of age, provided they are accompanied by adults, have free entry. Pupils up to 16 years old, if accompanied by teachers (maximum 6 pupils per teacher), also have free admission.

What is this art fair more than an exhibition of lots of beautiful art?

During the EuropArtFair, you can meet the artists, you can buy the art (often at very friendly prices), you can have a nice drink or something to eat and you can enjoy atmospheric music.

Can I come by my own transport or is it better to come by public transport?
For the answer, please refer to this page: visit.

Can I buy art during the EuropArtFair?
Yes, you can. All exhibited works can be bought directly from the artists. You pay no commissions or mark-ups. The price you agree with the artist is the full price. The artist also pays nothing to the organisation when selling.

Can I pay by debit card?
Yes you can, either with the artist himself or with the organisation.

What are the opening hours?
The fair is open on both days from 11am to 5.30pm. You can reserve your admission ticket(s) via admission tickets.