Can I sell the exhibited artworks?
Yes, you may. Indeed, that is the intention! You may address passing visitors with the aim of informing them and stimulating their interest. (However, please respect the visitors’ freedom: they should have every opportunity to view the exhibited works in peace). You may also give away business cards, art cards and leaflets. You can of course also make arrangements for follow-up contacts by e-mail, at your or the interested party’s home, at your studio (or workshop) or by other means.

What if I have sold a piece?
If your work is sold and the buyer wants to take the work directly, give the buyer a signed form. This is to prevent works from being stolen. You will receive this form from the organisation on the day the fair is set up (on Friday).

Can I put prices on my work?
Yes, you may do so on the stickers provided by the organisation. It is recommended to label works with sale prices.

Do I owe the organisation commission if I sell exhibited works?
No, you determine the selling price yourself and you do not owe the organisation any commission when you sell.

Does my partner need an entry ticket to enter the fair?
During the set-up of the EuropArtFair (on Thursday afternoon or Friday), you and any help can enter the fair hall to place your work without an entry ticket.

Are there any guidelines I have to comply with while participating in the EuropArtFair?
Yes, in order to have a nice presentation of the works, there are guidelines that each participating artist must adhere to:

  • The participant can largely decide which works to submit for exhibition and sale, there are no restrictions regarding style, materials used and age. However, some other provisions laid down below do apply.
  • The works to be exhibited must be dry (paint/glue) and may not contain any sharp objects, toxic or otherwise dangerous substances.
  • The works to be exhibited must be fully exhibition-ready, i.e. framed (or stretched) and provided with a solid suspension system or, in the case of a sculpture, directly installable.
  • Size of the works of art: works of art may not exceed 200 cm in height and must fit within the width and depth of the rented stand.
  • Installations can only be exhibited if they take a maximum of 1.5 hours to set up.

Am I expected to be present during the exhibition?
Yes, it is desired that you are present with your work throughout the duration of the exhibition (from 17.00 to 21.30 on Friday, from 11.00 to 17.30 on Saturday and from 11.00 to 17.30 on Sunday) in order to be able to speak to interested parties, make appointments and sell your work if possible.

When can I take my work home again if it is not sold?
On Sunday, the fair ends at 5.30pm and you can take your work home again (NOT BEFORE).

When can I bring my work and will the fair be set up?
You can bring your work on Thursday afternoon or Friday prior to the EuropArtFair, when the fair will be set up. To ensure this runs smoothly, you will be given a time period during which you can bring your work.

Where can I park my car when I bring my work?
You will receive a separate message about this.

What is the parking fee during the EuropArtFair?
Here are various parking facilities near the Westergas:

How do I get to the EuropArtFair?
You can find directions here:

Can I bring my own chair?
No, you are not allowed to bring your own (folding) chair. The organisation will provide a chair in your stand. This is to pursue harmony and visual peace in the exhibition areas.

Can I bring a display case to present my work?
Yes, you may bring a display case to present small work (e.g. jewellery). This may not be higher than 250 cm and must fit within the width and depth of the rented stand.

Do I need to bring my own nails to hang my work?
No, you do not need to bring nails to hang your work on the walls. In fact, this is not allowed, so you just make sure that your work has a hanging system and the organisation will provide perlon cords and hooks.

Can I bring several works?
Yes, you may. As long as you adhere to the guidelines and participation conditions.

Who decides whether my works are used for publicity?
The organisation decides which works will be placed on the website, admission tickets and/or on or with other publicity. The organisation will not charge you for use of photographs of your works, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Publicity expressions for which a fee is charged will be clearly communicated in advance. Discussion on the choices of photographs is not possible.

Will my name be mentioned on the stand as a participating artist?
Yes, the organisation will provide your name on the stand..

Can small reproductions of my own work, such as postcards and bookmarks, be sold as promotional material?
Yes, you can. As long as your work remains the main focus, the whole stand is well-organised and everything is placed in your stand.

Can I bring ‘spare’ work in case work is sold?
Yes, you may. However, please note that there is limited separate space at the fair to store your spare work. Placing spare work in your stand is discouraged: it shows restlessly and lowers the quality of your exhibition. You can leave extra work in your car at your own risk.

What if I have questions other than those answered here?
If you have a question other than those answered here, please send an e-mail message with your question to

For more answers to possible questions, also see the terms of participations.